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Alicia Livitt

Project Manager


Alicia Livitt thrives on the challenge of managing intricate projects. She has drawn upon years of expertise in energy program implementation, real estate development, as well as her rigorous sustainability and green building credentials to spark her consulting company, Thrive Energy Solutions LLC, which offers management services from program and project oversight, data systematization, engagement and education, to sustainability consulting.

Alicia demonstrated her talent for ushering vision into reality as project coordinator entrenched in the demanding entitlement, legal, and data requirements for multimillion-dollar commercial real estate developments in metro-Phoenix. With an eye on sustainable development, she went on to earn her master’s degree in strategic sustainability planning studying in Sweden under Karl-Henrik Robért, founder of the internationally renowned the Natural Step program. Most recently, she developed expertise in energy efficiency program design and implementation for the largest utility in California’s leading home energy rebate and retrofit programs. She has been credited for helping hundreds of home performance contractors successfully maximize their participation in Energy Upgrade California by educating their teams on best practices through a rigorous quality control process. She then leveraged these skills to overhaul program guidelines, workflow, and training materials for an under performing residential AC retrofit rebate program, which has since surged in participation. Alicia is an extensively credentialed green building specialist with certifications as a BPI Building Analyst, Sustainable Building Advisor, GreenPoint Rated Advisor, and in the process of earning  LEED AP.


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